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Arlington National Cemetery, Memorial Reception
Arlington, Virginia


Owner: Arlington National Cemetery
Client: William V. Walsh Construction

WAI provided MPE design services for the design-build renovation of the Memorial Reception Building at Arlington National Cemetery. The building’s grounds include the Tomb of the Unknowns. The building includes an amphitheater with stage, which is used by the President of the United States, among others, for his Veterans Day and Memorial Day addresses. The building also includes: a museum, chapel, Tomb Guard quarters, offices, and a VIP lounge.  WAI’s design services included: a mechanical retrofit, CBR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological) protection, HVAC acoustics assessment, electrical power and lighting retrofit, security and communication system improvements, fire protection engineering, and plumbing retrofit.  The renovation corrected a serious water infiltration problem, which the ANC had not been able to solve with previous repair projects.

One of WAI’s innovative design features provided on this project was the air conditioning of the two-story museum.  The building previously did not have conditioned air supplied directly into the museum spaces. Conventional thought was that the building design and historic fabric did not allow routing of supply air directly into the museum spaces.  Although this item was not included in the original scope of work, WAI identified a means to provide conditioned air to each museum space without cutting the plaster walls or ceilings. In addition, the design-build team identified a sufficient number of cost saving modifications, to incorporate this additional work item at no increase in project cost.