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Congress & Senate Buildings Perimeter Security
Washington, District of Columbia


Owner: Architect of the Capitol
Client: William V. Walsh Construction

WAI has provided mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering for multiple design-build perimeter security retrofit projects for William V. Walsh Construction, Inc. These projects have been provided under the auspices of the Architect of the Capitol and the Capitol Police. The projects include perimeter security for the following buildings:

U.S. Capitol
Cannon House Office Building
Rayburn House Office Building
Longworth House Office Building
Library of Congress
Supreme Court
Hart Senate Office Building
Russell Senate Office Building
Taft Memorial Carillon

This work involved designing and constructing:  bollard lines, pop-up barriers, guard houses, underground vaults, major duct bank systems, new street lighting; as well as relocating and coordinating with: underground utilities (electrical, communications, storm, gas, steam, etc.), traffic lights, and traffic communication systems. The total construction cost of this work is approximately $100 million.