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Ft. Meade, Building 4411, HVAC & Lighting

WAI provided design services of a completely new replacement HVAC system and central plant for a 60 year old, historic, 40,000 sq. ft., four story building. This project includes the design of new: boilers, circulating pumps, ice storage system, hydronic system, VAV air handling units, ductwork, exhaust systems, ventilation, new DDC energy management control system, and ceilings. All existing lighting was replaced with new high efficiency lighting, reducing the lighting load on the HVAC system from 2.5 watts/square foot to 1.0 watts/square foot. The project also included replacing the existing windows.

Features and requirements of this project include the following:
  • A new zoned central HVAC system
  • All lighting was replaced
  • Extensive site investigation was required
  • The electrical service and distribution was upgraded
  • The work was done to maintain partial occupancy during construction
  • Architectural and structural services were required to support the HVAC work
  • Hazardous materials, abatement including asbestos, and PCB was provided
  • The structure was historic
  • All drawings were developed in CADD
  • Army Corps of Engineer requirements were complied with