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Pentagon, Wedge 2 Renovation
Arlington, Virginia


Owner: Penren

WAI has recently completed the plumbing design for the core and shell package, and selected tenant fit-outs, of Wedge 2 of the Pentagon Renovation.  Wedges 2-5 is a phased design-build renovation of 4 million square feet of space in the Pentagon. The project brings all remaining un-renovated areas of the building into compliance with modern building, life safety, ADA and fire codes. Work includes removal of all hazardous materials, replacement of all building systems, addition of new elevators and escalators to improve vertical circulation, and installation of new security and telecommunications systems. The project, underway since September 2001, is on an accelerated schedule for completion in December 2010, four years sooner than originally planned. Sustainable design measures have been integrated into the design. The Wedges 2-5 project is enrolled in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Existing Buildings Pilot Program, and is working to achieve a Gold rating. Force protection initiatives prompted by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack have been successfully incorporated into the design.*

The Wedge 2 plumbing construction work was valued at over $7 million. Features and requirements of this project include the following:

This project is of national significance.
Involved a complete replacement of all plumbing, including underground piping, and
   storm drainage.
A storm water overflow system was incorporated into the building without impacting
   the historic and monumental facade.
The historic building required extensive site investigation.
The work was done while maintaining partial occupancy.
The building was retrofitted with a new sprinkler system.
Hazardous material abatement was required.
Governmental design standards were followed.

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