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Webb Building

WAI designed base building up-grades for this 30 year old building to increase the air conditioning and power distribution capacity to support high tech GSA users. The building's HVAC system had 6 watts per square foot of interior heat gain cooling capacity. The GSA tenant loads ranged from 10 to 12 watts per square foot. The Owner was concerned that all the ductwork would have to be replaced to meet the new cooling loads. WAI modified the Building cooling plant and air handling system (from a constant volume dual duct to a medium low temperature VAV) to provide the required capacity while still utilizing the original ductwork. Similarly, WAI improved the electrical power distribution system by designing an electrical bus duct and adding the GSA required isolated ground systems. The tenant design projects, electrical and mechanical studies, and base building up-grade designs were performed simultaneously.

Other improvements included: increasing the building's outside air ventilation volumes, adding dedicated ventilation units for large conference centers, computer rooms, fire and life safety system upgrades, and adding dedicated HVAC units.