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WAI provides state-of-the-art mechanical, plumbing, and electrical design engineering services for: governmental, military and federal, educational, religious, commercial, mission critical, medical, and high end residential projects. Below are the design services WAI specializes in.


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)
Energy Modeling and Management
HVAC Acoustics

WAI has been providing mechanical design services since 1992. Our services have included: HVAC, energy management and modeling, acoustics, fire protection and life safety. WAI has performed existing systems assessments, energy conservation, life cycle cost, and retrofit and feasibility studies as well as new construction and retrofit designs for over 800 projects totaling in excess of 10 million square feet.

WAI has built a reputation for providing high-end mechanical engineering consulting service through our experience at maximizing HVAC system energy efficiency within the confines of the project budget. We have accomplished this by selecting the appropriate high efficiency HVAC components and system for the application.

Another specialty WAI engineers provide, is the design of Energy Management Systems (EMS). Our EMS designs typically control all project HVAC equipment and provided energy saving control features such as: scheduling, optimum start/stop, duty cycling, and demand limiting. Often we will integrate other miscellaneous system motors, such as the operable skylights on our Asia Trail II project at the National Zoo. In addition our EMS designs have provided several maintenance advantages, including: run time maintenance, reports, logs, alarming, and remote diagnostics. All of our EMS designs have provided remote operator monitoring access and control.

WAI has developed an expertise in plumbing over the past 23 years. Our plumbing design services include: determining required plumbing fixture counts, fixture selection and layout, domestic water system designing, sanitary-waste-out system design, storm water design, and special waste design. Our design software and analysis tools allow us to determine fixture units and pipe sizes, as well as perform material take-offs seamlessly within our Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) approach. WAI has provided plumbing services for several high profile projects, such as The Pentagon in Washington, D.C., a 1.6 million sq. ft. LEED Gold project.


Power Distribution
Lighting Design and Lighting Controls (interior and exterior)
Data, Communication, and Security Systems

WAI’s electrical design includes: power distribution, lighting design for interior and exterior spaces, data, communication, and security systems, and special control systems.

Power distribution system design includes: main electrical service (primary, secondary and power transformer), main switchboard and distribution panel, branch circuit panel boards and protective devices, distribution transformers, feeder, branch circuits calculation, power riser/wiring diagram, grounding system, and TVSS protection. WAI also performs power quality and power system analysis for all projects. Power system analysis includes: load flow analysis and voltage drop calculation, short circuit study, arc flash analysis, protective devices coordination study, power quality and harmonics analysis.


WAI has designed more than 500 lighting projects of various sizes over the last 23 years. Some project types have included: wholesale lighting retrofits primarily motivated by energy conservation, complete redesigns driven by a desire for improved aesthetics coupled with energy conservation, energy efficient retrofits of older lighting fixtures driven by energy code requirements, lighting studies for existing facilities, and new construction.


We take pride in our special expertise of designing lighting control systems that are aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, and cost effective. Several different lighting control strategies we have implemented are: light harvesting systems, dimming systems, multi-level switching systems (including bi-level switched troffers), occupancy sensing switching (using dual technology sensors), and individual task level control.


WAI also routinely designs emergency power systems including emergency/stand-by generator and uninterruptible power source (UPS) for various project types. These range from emergency power systems to address minimum code emergency illumination needs, to critical power applications. In critical power applications we have designed systems which address: single, double, and triple failure conditions.

WAI uses Lightning Protection Systems for different projects based and Lightning Risk Study.  Lightning protection study/design includes: lightning risk assessment, system protections (such as conventional system, early streamer emission system, charge dissipation system), identify material and specification of air terminals, main conductors, junctions/connections and grounding system based on building type, construction, application and location.

Grounding system study/design covers grounding and bonding of all electrical installation and all equipments.  Study includes specifying grounding method, grounding electrodes, grounding electrode conductors, equipment bonding jumpers, junctions and connections.


Fire Protection and Life Safety
Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Suppression Systems
Smoke Control Systems
Life Safety Lighting

WAI’s fire protection engineering services include: design and analysis of fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, smoke control systems, and life safety egress illumination and guidance. Our fire suppression system designs have included: wet and dry pipe fire systems, preaction and deluge sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, fire and jockey pumps, onsite fire water storage and gaseous extinguishant systems (including FM 200 and Intergen). Other special use spaces designs have incorporated smoke control system, including: smoke evacuation, floor pressurization control, elevator shaft venting, and stairway pressurization systems.

MEP LEED Services

WAI provides Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) consulting for all mechanical, plumbing, and electrical aspects of a project.  We understand the importance of LEED and have multiple LEED Accredited Professionals within our office.  WAI has been involved with numerous projects that have been or are in the process of being LEED certified and have been incorporating energy conservation into their projects long before LEED was established.


WAI is steadily building an impressive portfolio of commissioning projects, including fundamental and enhanced commissioning.  These projects include commissioning for: mechanical, plumbing, electrical, LEED and/or Energy Star projects. WAI’s commissioning projects operate at high energy efficiencies and provide: environmental health, occupant safety, and improved indoor air quality.  We successfully plan, deliver, verify, and manage risks to critical functions performed in, or by, facilities. The commissioning process formalizes review and integration of all project expectations throughout planning, design, and construction. WAI staff include: a Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (QCxP), a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), as well as two certified LEED AP BD+C, and three certified LEED AP.

Construction Administration
Design-Build Teaming
Pre-Purchase Inspection

WAI performs a large percentage of construction administration services every year. A large portion of our portfolio is design-build projects, including over $100 million worth of construction on and around the U.S. Capitol Square. During the construction phase the following services can be provided: complete construction administration, full time on-site representation, commissioning services, construction phase RFI’s, shop drawing/ submittal review, shop drawing production, pre-fabrication drawing production, construction site inspections, installed construction value review and approval, substantial completion certification, and project close-out services.

In addition to the above services, WAI provides the following post construction services: commissioning services, functional and operational performance tests, as-built verification and documentation, corrective measure determination, operator training, maintenance program development, and one year anniversary inspections.