Bethesda Fire Station #6

Bethesda Fire Station #6, Fire & Rescue Station Conditions Assessment Study

WAI provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering consulting services for the conditions assessment study of Bethesda Fire Station #6. The fire station was a two-story building that consisted of: truck bays, service bays, an exercise area, offices, television lounge, dormitories, cooking facilities, washrooms and service rooms. WAI’s survey included: review of the mechanical systems service, packaged Air-Cooled Chiller Units, Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units, piping and ductwork systems, normal and emergency lighting and power, telephone / data, paging and video surveillance systems, plumbing service, plumbing fixtures, fire alarm and fire protection.

Phase I included:

  • Reviewing original/existing drawings, specifications, report and other data available from the owner.
  • Interviewing County personnel familiar with the facility operation and maintenance history.
  • Performing a comprehensive assessment to document the condition of the following systems and identify/quantify deficiencies, if any:
    • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning,
    • Electrical (including distribution),
    • Plumbing, and
    • Fire Protection.
  • Preparing a final report, documenting all systems evaluated and providing:
    • Nameplate information of all systems and their components in place (e.g. capacity, age, specifications, etc.),
    • Clear description of system’s condition,
    • Clear description of repairs needed, and
    • Photographical documentation of all systems and their condition.

Phase II included:

  • Providing a Phase 2 Report incorporating:
    • Root cause analysis for all deficiencies identified,
    • A corrective action plan for all deficiencies identified, providing classification, ranking and prioritization for repairs,
    • Cost analysis to implement the corrective action plan depicted as short, medium, and long-term recommendations,
    • Detailed asset inventory of all systems and components in place,
    • Lifecyle analysis for all systems, detailing remaining useful life, replacement estimate (cost and time),
    • Deferred maintenance analysis of all systems,
    • Space utilization analysis of current operations and future use,
    • Multi-Year Expenditure Plan forecast schedule based on a ten-year span and unconstrained by funding limitations, and
    • Calculation of the facility condition index (FCI) and comparison to a similar facility.
  • Location: Bethesda, Maryland