Buck Lodge MS

Buck Lodge Middle School Systemic HVAC Replacement

As the prime consultant, WAI provided MEP design for this $2.49 million systemic replacement.  The existing mechanical system was a two-pipe changeover system, supplied with hot and chilled water from two existing 1675 MBH combination natural gas/oil no. 2 boilers, and two outdoor 100-ton chiller units. The terminal equipment (fan coil units set with outdoor air intake louvers for ventilation) is located in offices and classrooms. Approximately 60 exhaust fans service storage rooms, restrooms, and other locations require localized exhaust. All the fans along with the split-system chiller are from the 1982 renovation. The split-system chiller had not been run in the past 3 years.

WAI’s scope of work included:

  • Replacing and providing new fan coil units with new run-out piping connecting the unit to the main piping branch, and provide new isolation valves at the point of connection to the new unit. New DDC controls are to be installed and new blank thermostats to be installed in each room.
  • Replacing approximately 60 exhaust fans in-kind. Reusing existing roof curbs and existing ductwork connections as available. Providing new backdraft dampers for all replaced fans.
  • Replacing 4 heating-only penthouse air handling units serving the Gym and Locker rooms. These units will utilize the existing hydronic heating using the existing hot water system and provide cooling using air-cooled dx cooling. Due to the increased electrical load due to the addition of cooling, the electrical feeders were heavied-up to manage the increased electrical load from the cooling.
  • Replacing two packaged gas-fired heat/air cooled dx cooling rooftop units serving the multi-purpose/exercise room in-kind.
  • Replacing 2 direct gas-fired make up air units serving the kitchen with indirect gas-fired units.
  • Replacing the 40-ton air cooled split-system chiller including the indoor chiller and rooftop condenser and associated refrigerant piping.
  • Replacing all existing disconnects/starters to match existing as related to the existing fan coil units and roof top units within the scope of work. Providing new wiring/conduit and disconnect/starters for RTU-1, RTU-2, RTU-3 and RTU-4.
  • Location: Adelphi, Maryland
  • Size: 122,497 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost: $2.49 million