Burtonsville Fire Station #15

Burtonsville Fire Station #15

Burtonsville Fire Station #15, HVAC & Electrical Systems Replacement

WAI provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and construction administration services for the replacement of the HVAC and electrical systems in the original section of the existing fire station.

The mechanical work included an evaluation of the HVAC system and a report of the existing conditions. A Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) proposed four alternative HVAC systems during the Schematic Design phase and included a narrative and concept sketches plans. These options included:

  • Option #1: Furnace & DX Cooling Units with VVT Control
  • Option #2: VRV Vertical Units with VVT Control
  • Option #3: VRV Horizontal Units without VVT Control
  • Option #4: VRV Vertical & Horizontal Units with VVT Control

Following the Schematic Design phase, WAI prepared construction / bidding documents of the selected system, which was option #3, VRV Horizontal units without VVT control.

The electrical work included the modifications to the existing electrical power distribution system required by the implementation of the HVAC retrofit. We determined the existing normal and emergency loads and made modifications to the normal and emergency distribution panels.

The plumbing work included the evaluation of the existing domestic hot water system and design modifications.

  • Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Construction Cost: $801,000