Grey Courthouse

The Historic Grey Courthouse Renovation

WAI provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services for the $24 million renovation of the historic Grey Courthouse into an office building.

The original Grey Courthouse was constructed in 1930, with an addition in 1960 of a four-story annex. This project was 91,000 gsf., and typical spaces included: conference / meeting rooms, computer rooms, print rooms, utility rooms, lobbies, laboratories/research room, lounge/break rooms, offices, storage, restrooms, etc. WAI provided design and construction administration services for: an HVAC retrofit, plumbing system modifications, fire sprinkler, interior lighting, exterior lighting, emergency power design, lightning protection systems, telephone and data wiring infrastructure, video network infrastructure, security and access control systems and LEED consulting.

The mechanical design included a chilled beams system with a dedicated outdoor air system. This option used a combination of well-known HVAC system components in a grouping that leverages their individual traits to optimize the efficiencies of the associated components, while providing superior indoor air quality at a reduced first, operating, and maintenance costs.

Electrical design services incorporated both normal and emergency power distribution systems for the entire project including: stand-by generator, main switchboard, panelboards and load centers, distribution wiring system. Lighting design services consisted of the entire building’s interior lighting system to maximize energy performance and exterior lighting design limited to the new ramp and new stair areas. The telecommunication systems design was comprised of: telephone, GPON, intercom, security & CCTV system, cable television, UPS and related distribution systems in coordination with the county IT office.

The plumbing system was comprised of modifications to the fire sprinkler system, replacement of the existing gas-fired water heater, replacement of thermostatic mixing valve, modifications to the sanitary drainage and vent systems.

Design of the life safety systems for this project involved: fire alarm, fire sprinkler, emergency lighting and exit lights.

This renovation allows Montgomery County employees from various rented office spaces to be consolidated into one location.

  • Location: Rockville, MD
  • Project Size: 91,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost: $24 million 
  • Awards: Anticipates LEED Silver