Pumpkin Ball Lights

Historic Capitol Complex, Replacement of Pumpkin Ball Lights

WAI provided lighting and electrical design services to this historic Pennsylvania Capitol Complex. The pumpkin ball lights were designed as an architectural feature for the original 1906 Main Capitol building, and were not specified as manufactured lighting fixtures. 

WAI’s services included: replacing the damaged light fixtures, distributing lighting controls to an existing power distribution system, and developing light solutions to manage heat longevity, emit a stable color, and maintain illumination level.

These fixtures varied in type from pendant, to surface mount, to stanchion, and are located throughout the Main Entrance, the Rotunda, the Chairman’s Row, and the North and South Hyphens.  Overall, the project included approximately 400 fixtures from 9 different types.

  • Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Construction Cost: $1.1 million