Red Brick Courthouse

The Historic Red Brick Courthouse Emergency Chiller Retrofit

WAI is providing mechanical design and construction administration services for the emergency retrofit of the air-cooled chiller at the historical 1800’s circa Red Brick Courthouse. This project is based upon a study and scope development project WAI recently completed.

The scope for the replacement of the air-cooled chiller includes an in-kind replacement with few upgrades to help address the acoustical issues and insulation issues. The replacement air-cooled chiller project consists of the following:

  • Procurement and installation of the replacement chiller and circulating pumps,
  • Demolition of the existing chiller,
  • Temporary cooling,
  • One new 70-ton air-cooled chiller,
  • New piping insulation for better thermal-efficiency.
  • Two vertical inline pumps, rated at 5hp with 1800 rpm and 7.3 impeller diameter for the new air-cooled chiller,
  • The new air-cooled chiller contains three scroll compressors wrapped in sound blankets and incorporate sound enclosures on top of it to achieve no greater than 55 dba at the property line.
  • Modifications to the exterior chilled water hydronic piping systems,
  • A reduced voltage starter is utilized and a disconnect switch and 120-volt GFIC service receptacle are included, and
  • Design and integration into the county-wide BAS system.

This project includes supporting electrical and structural engineering services.

  • Location: Rockville, MD