Scotts Branch ES

Scotts Branch Elementary School, Boiler Replacement

WAI provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services, for the boiler replacement at Scotts Branch Elementary School. The project involved the replacement of the three existing natural gas-fired heating water boilers with modern condensing type gas-fired boilers capable of operating at 92% efficiency. WAI’s design services included:

  • Demolishing existing combusting air ducts and installing direct vented boilers,
  • Replacing the existing boiler control panel with a new control panel,
  • Adding unit heaters to the boiler room,
  • Replacing the boiler circulating pumps,
  • Modifying the heating water-piping system required by the boiler replacement,
  • Incorporating heating water-reset into the boiler controls and design modifications to the existing heating water piping, control valves, and programming required to eliminate any existing hot-water-reset being performed with control valves,
  • Replacing the existing boiler breeching system with a new Category IV system,
  • Modifying the existing control system to incorporate the new boiler plant onto the existing Building Management System (BMS),
  • Modifying the natural gas piping system required by the boiler retrofit,
  • Verifying the existing capacity of the boiler room combustion air system and providing design modifications for current code compliance as required, and
  • Provide the design of modifications to the electrical power distribution system as required by the replacement of the boilers and associated pumps.

WAI has been providing mechanical, electrical, lighting and plumbing design and construction administration services for Baltimore County Public Schools since 2016. Projects have included: HVAC installations, peer reviews, and boiler replacements.

  • Location: Windsor Mill, Maryland
  • Construction Cost: $262,364