Severna Park ES

Severna Park ES

Severna Park Elementary School, Boiler Replacement

WAI provided design and construction administration services of the mechanical systems for this boiler plant replacement. This project also involved support of electrical and plumbing design services. The construction cost was $232,885 and the renovation area was 985 sq. ft. WAI’s design services included:

  • Demolishing the existing boilers and replace in like size,
  • Designing new breeching from the new boilers to the existing chimney,
  • Designing the new backflow preventer,
  • Replacing the domestic hot-water heater,
  • Designing the new domestic hot-water recirculation pumps,
  • Demolishing the existing heating hot water circulation pumps and replace in-like-size with new pump valves,
  • Replacing the aboveground fuel-oil piping,
  • Replacing the boiler and branch isolation valves,
  • Replacing existing boiler controls,
  • Providing louvers with electric dampers for combustion air, and
  • Replacing the sump pumps with sump pumps capable of pumping high temperature water.

This the construction cost was $232,885, under the MEP budget of $244,410.

  • Location: Severna Park, Maryland
  • Size: 984 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost: $232,885