St. Philips

St. Philip’s Catholic Church

The St. Philip’s Catholic Church project was a complete renovation of the church’s sanctuary, nave and narthex. WAI provided design services for mechanical, lighting, electrical power distribution, and plumbing engineering. The primary emphasis was on the lighting design, which included an entire new lighting system utilizing a Lutron Grafik Eye control system. With the new control system, the client has complete control over all fixtures, allowing for different scenes, special architectural effects, proper lighting ambiance, all done while saving energy.  

This project was very unique given that the entire ceiling was built out with white architectural bulkheads. These bulkheads were then mounted with linear lighting that was strategically hidden and provided a very uniform, pleasing wave like glow. The addition of ceiling mounted spot lights allowed the parish to highlight all of the many features located on the altar.  St. Philip’s Church also wanted to emphasize the Stations of the Cross. To do this, each station, portrayed by a 3D metal engraved portrait, was illuminated by its own unique arcing arm fixture that provided a distinct highlight. Once the fixtures were added all attention was drawn towards them.  

  • Location: Falls Church, Virginia